The Nordic Transition
Workshop Series

The workshop series has ended, and we would like to thank everyone who participated in any way: case owners, experts, and participants from all over the Nordics and from across Europe - and a special thank you to The Hows for the excellent facilitation.

The workshops were recorded and you can find all four recordings along with some documentation from the workshops here.

We will invite everyone who's been involved in this project to a new digital platform called Nordic Circular Arena where NTP will host a separate community for small and medium sized municipalities and their local ecosystem of actors contributing to climate neutrality. 

The film below explains the purpose of the workshop series. 

27 Jan

Climate neutral

How can we reach climate neutral mobility and transports in our cities? 

11 Feb

Mission oriented organizations

How can we organize for horizontal and cross-sectoral collaboration in order to reach long-term goals?

24 Feb

Investing for

climate neutrality

How can we increase the use of circular procurements and invest to reach long-term goals?

11 Mar

Nordic collaboration opportunities

How can we develop our Nordic collaboration in order to reach climate neutral cities 2030?