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The Nordic Transition Workshop Series - No. 4

Nordic collaboration
& match-making

How can we develop our Nordic collaboration in order to reach climate neutral cities 2030?


13.00 - 16.00 (CET)

Here is the link to a recording of this workshop and the post-pack documentation.

About the theme

The Nordic Transition Workshop Series's fourth and last workshop is all about networking. After three successful workshops with participants throughout the Nordics and beyond, we will wrap up the series with input on how to stay connected!


In this highly interactive session, we will explore the success factors of collaboration across borders. Additionally, we will gain insight on the funding possibilities from three experts in the area. Lastly, we will discuss how to strengthen this community and continue the knowledge exchange. 

Who will be there?

Host: The City of Reykjavík


Case 1: Nordic collaboration in city planning, Ólöf Örvarsdóttir, Head of Environment and Planning at The City of Reykjavík.


Case 2: SMICE, collaboration between Region Jämtland Härjedalen and Region Trøndelag, Maja Blomqvist.

Case 3: Cross-border collaboration between Sweden and Finland, North Sweden Cleantech / Smart City Sweden, Nina Rismalm. 


Experts: Elis Benediktsson from Nordic Innovation, Sebastian Marx on EU level funding possibilities and Inger Gustafsson from Vinnova. 

Workshop Design 

The workshop will be a three hour highly interactive experience where you will get to network, get inspired and share your own experiences and best practises. 

It’s a day for building relationships and finding new possibilities for accelerating the transition to climate neutral cities through nordic partnerships. Together we will explore great things that have already been done, current trends as well as future collaborations to come.


Come prepared to engage and share!


  • Intro & getting to know each other

  • Cases: Concrete examples and inspirations from real world cases to bring back home.

  • Fishbowl discussion with experts: An opportunity to hear from experts in the field about their perspective on your current challenges. This will also include a short Q&A. 

  • World Café: A co-owned and co-created interactive workshop that maximizes engagement and gives total ownership of the topics to the participants.

  • Networking and next steps: Creating new collaborations and deciding where we go from here.

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