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The Nordic Transition Workshop Series - No. 3

Investing for climate neutrality

How can circular procurement and other investment frameworks be adopted in smaller cities?

24 Feb


13.00 - 16.00 (CET)

Here is the link to a recording of this workshop and the post-pack with documentation.

About the theme

The transition towards climate neutral cities can be accelerated if local government and companies in cities would change how they invest. In this workshop, we will explore how investment frameworks such as circular procurement can be adopted in small and medium sized cities. Examples from the Nordics will include how public and private organisations are working with investments as an important tool to drive climate transition.

Who will be there?

Besides you and others interested in the field, we anticipate participation from experts on sustainable investment and procurement, representatives from small and medium size cities and a wide range of national and international branch organisations from the Nordic region.


Workshop Design 

The workshop will be a three hour highly interactive experience where you will get to network, get inspired and share your own experiences and best practises. 

It’s a day for building relationships and finding new possibilities for accelerating the transition to climate neutral cities through nordic partnerships. Together we will explore great things that have already been done, current trends as well as future collaborations to come.


Come prepared to engage and share!


13.00 Introduction from Nordic Transition Partnership and Viable Cities

13.30 Case studies; Concrete examples and inspirations from real world cases.

14.15 Dialogue with experts; An opportunity to hear from experts in the field about their perspective on your current challenges.

14.50 Open space and breakout rooms; co-created interactive workshop that maximises engagement

15.45 Summary and next steps


Viable Cities and RE:Source

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