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Providing directionality for investments that drive towards climate neutrality

Welcome to join the Nordic Transition Partnership for climate neutral cities 2030

NTP aims to increase collaboration between small and medium sized municipalities in the Nordics​ to find out which topics, challenges and opportunities are the most important to address in order to reach climate neutral cities in 2030.


In 2020 and early 2021 we interviewed 20+ municipalities who are among the pioneers in implementing smart circular solutions in the Nordics and they have been generous enough to share some of their experiences with us on how to go from strategies to action and implementation.

In April 2021, the report "Voices from Nordic Climate Neutral Frontrunners" was published. The report presents the trends, opportunities and challenges that the project-team identified from interviews with small and medium sized municipalities across the Nordics.

Download the interview report here.

In January-March 2021 we invited more municipalities, business leaders, researchers and policy makers to take part in our interactive workshop series on four selected topics. The workshops were recorded and are available to watch, together with case descriptions and documentation of the workshop discussions.

We have now continued the project by developing an online community for Nordic municipalities where all the good examples, tools and processes is presented. It will also include a Nordic Investment Roadmap for climate neutral cities. On top of that, the project partners are developing an offer to municipalities on further support for implementation and increased operability through new forms of collaboration across sectors. 

The Nordic online community and collaboration platform will be a part of The Nordic Circular Arena. This is the place to be for municipalities and surrounding actors from different sectors that aim to contribute to local sustainable development by using smart and circular solutions.  

Please get in touch with us if you would like to be involved in the development process of this new online community! 

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